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All Types Of Residential And Commercial Chimney Repairs

We’re licensed and insured to do chimney repair and install new chimneys on Long Island. Whether you have a new home that needs a brand-new chimney installed or an established home that needs a full chimney replacement – we can help. We’ll first consult with you on what chimney style and material you may want (or what chimney we recommend for your specific needs) based on your home’s structure, needs and budget. We can help educate you on any or all of these chimney choices, including the pros and cons and the structures they’re best suited for.

New Brick, Masonry Or Prefab Chimney Installations

A chimney is obviously a necessary component for many, if not all, homes and businesses. Perhaps your chimney doesn’t require a full replacement – but simply needs a small repair and some TLC. If your home totally lacks a chimney (or has some missing or damaged chimney parts) then it’s time to rely on the chimney repair experts at Expressway Chimneys before the real damage kicks in.

Chimney Flashing Repairs And Installations

Chimney flashing keeps water and the other Long Island weather elements out of any chimney and roof seams near the chimney’s roof line. We’re happy to do a partial or full chimney flashing replacement – based on your particular needs. We’re happy to inspect your suspect chimney flashing and recommend the next steps. We can also repair incorrectly installed or damaged chimney flashing.

All Chimney Services & Repairs

We mean it when we say we are a full-service chimney contractor. We handle ‘all things chimney’! Like chimney brick repairs, chimney flue repairs, chimney flashing and waterproofing repairs. We will also fix or replace your chimney cap, chase cover or crown. We can install or repair prefabricated chimneys – as well as traditional brick and masonry chimneys. We are expert chimney builders and expert chimney repairmen – so no chimney job is ever too small for us to handle.

Chimney Cap Replacement, Chimney Chase Cover Repair, Crown Installation

At Expressway Chimneys, we specialize in chimney cap replacement, chimney chase cover repair, and crown installation. These crucial components protect your chimney from the elements, ensuring its longevity and performance. Trust us for expert craftsmanship in maintaining and enhancing your chimney’s functionality.

Skilled Chimney Craftsmen, Long Island Chimney Experts

Our team comprises skilled chimney craftsmen and Long Island chimney experts dedicated to delivering top-notch services. From meticulous repairs to seamless installations, our expertise ensures your chimney stands the test of time. Count on us for reliable solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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nice chimney done by Expressway


Expressway Chimneys is your one-stop solution for any chimney-related issue any fellow Long Islander may have. We offer so many chimney and other home exterior services – for your every possible need. It’s a convenience for our clients (and a point of pride for us) that when homeowners need chimney repairs, roofing repairs, gutters fixed or need their skylights replaced – that they can count on Expressway Chimneys to bring their experience and skill to get the job done the first time and on time.


nice chimney done by Expressway

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Brick Chimney Repairs

To prevent serious water damage and worse to your property, Expressway Chimney is highly skilled in assessing the current state of your chimney, brick, and mortar, and then making the necessary cement or leak repairs. These may include: re-pointing, re-capping, reapplying render, and leadwork. If your chimney is visible from the ground, here are a few things you can look for yourself to determine if you need an expert like us to come out and assess your chimney: cracks in the chimney, missing flashing, flaking brick, a cracked or missing crown, deterioration of lime mortar joints, and missing chimney pots. It’s best to resolve these problems immediately before a small job turns into a total rebuild of your brick chimney.

Chimney Masonry Repairs

In chimney masonry speak – to ‘repair’ or ‘restore’ mortar means to replace it. In most cases, brickwork restoration requires the replacement of mortar on the exposed surface of a wall. Our experts refill the damaged mortar joints with an appropriately colored base mortar and do the tuck-pointing, and then we repair the damaged brick to prevent further leaks. We’re the leading brick crack repair company on Long Island. Our chimney crack repair services will reposition and stabilize the cracked or dropped sections, and clean up the brick wall cracks while raking back the mortar joints. We are experts at fixing cracked crowns, damaged bricks, missing mortar, and whatever other stone or brick chimney problem you’re facing.

Prefab Chimney Repairs

Combat the common issue of deterioration in prefabricated chimneys with Expressway’s specialized services. Our chimney experts assess and address deterioration concerns, providing effective solutions to enhance the structural integrity of your chimney. Explore comprehensive information on repairing your prefabricated chimney with Expressway. We specialize in addressing common deterioration issues associated with prefabricated chimneys. Whether it’s waterproofing concerns or the use of wood material, we provide expert solutions to ensure the longevity and performance of your prefab chimney.

Freestanding Chimney Repairs

Ensure the safety and compliance of your fireplace by adhering to NFPA 211 recommendations. Our chimney contractors specialize in annual inspections, sweeping flues, and removing corrosive and flammable deposits, offering comprehensive services to safeguard your home. Trust our chimney contractors for thorough chimney sweeping services and visual inspections. We go beyond removing deposits, ensuring your fireplace and freestanding stove pipe are in optimal condition. Rely on our expertise to identify and address potential issues during the inspection process.

New Chimney Installations

Count on Expressway for excellence in new masonry chimney installation. Our chimney contractors ensure that the flue is the recommended size by the manufacturer, meeting all safety and efficiency standards for your fireplace or wood stove. Expressway excels in the installation of factory-built chimneys. Our skilled chimney contractors prioritize adherence to manufacturer specifications, guaranteeing the proper sizing of the flue for optimal performance. Trust us for precision in every aspect of your chimney installation.

Choose Expressway for professional chimney inspection services. Our chimney contractors treat every new chimney installation with the care and attention they would give to a family member’s home. Early inspection can prevent the need for a major chimney rebuild in the future, ensuring the longevity and safety of your chimney.

New Chimney Flashing

Count on us to address chimney and roof leaks caused by deteriorated, non-existent, or improperly installed chimney flashing. Our chimney contractors are experts in chimney flashing repair, providing thorough solutions to eliminate water intrusion issues and safeguard the structural integrity of your chimney. Explore the advantages of new aluminum, metal, and copper chimney flashing options. Our chimney team is well-versed in selecting the right flashing material for your chimney type and adjacent materials. Trust Expressway for expert guidance on choosing the most suitable metal chimney flashing for your specific needs. Chimney flashing serves as a crucial chimney waterproofing method. At Expressway, we prioritize effective techniques to prevent water intrusion and safeguard your chimney. Rely on our chimney contractors for comprehensive solutions to ensure the durability and resilience of your chimney against the elements.

Prefab Chimney Installations

Ensure the safety of your prefabricated fireplace by having our chimney contractors conduct a thorough safety evaluation. We specialize in matching the right prefab chimney to your old prefab fireplace, addressing potential compromises in the fireplace system that could impact the safety of your home and family. Rely on our chimney contractor expertise to assess and rectify issues related to prefab fireplaces. We are specialists in matching the correct prefab chimney to your specific fireplace model, prioritizing safety and compliance with manufacturer recommendations for optimal performance. As a new homeowner, prioritize the safety of your prefab chimney by scheduling an inspection with our chimney contractors. We recommend this step before lighting your first fire. Our experts ensure that the chimney matches your fireplace specifications, providing peace of mind for a cozy winter season.

Chimney Flashing Repairs

Experience professional chimney leak detection and repair services with our expert chimney contractors. We specialize in identifying and resolving issues related to flashing or chimney waterproofing materials, ensuring a watertight seal for your chimney and preventing water damage. Explore the benefits of metal, rubber, and vinyl chimney flashing solutions for effective waterproofing. Our chimney contractors are well-versed in the installation and repair of these materials, providing comprehensive protection against leaks and water damage. Leaking is one of the most common problems chimneys face. Trust our chimney contractors to assess and address issues related to chimney leaks when it rains. We offer professional solutions to safeguard your chimney, preserving its structural integrity and preventing further water damage.

Chimney Liners & Flues

The chimney flue and the chimney liner are two of the most vital aspects of a chimney structure. We’ll always inspect the flue and liner while carrying out maintenance work on the chimney. Since there are a large number of chimney relining products available on the market, we’ll give you with all the chimney liner information you need to help you make a well-informed decision. If your chimney doesn’t have a liner, it’s important that you get one installed without delay. As part of our chimney services, we can install high-quality liners with iron-clad guarantees. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor, for chimney liners installation, don’t hesitate to call Expressway at 631.388.7555 or contact us through our website form below.

Chimney Crowns & Covers

Experience expert chimney crown construction with our skilled chimney contractors. We adhere to NFPA 211 standards for chimneys, ensuring that your chimney crown is meticulously crafted to provide optimal protection against weather-related deterioration. The chimney crown, also known as a chimney wash, acts as a protective roof or chimney cap for your chimney’s top end. Trust our chimney contractors for precise installation, safeguarding the structural elements of your chimney from the detrimental effects of weather exposure. Prevent weather-related deterioration of your chimney’s upper section with a well-constructed chimney crown. Our chimney contractors specialize in creating crowns that shield against the impact of rain and snow, addressing the natural weakening of mortar in elevated chimney areas.

Chimney Removal

Engage structural experts to evaluate potential concerns when removing the chimney breast from one or more floors. Our chimney contractors collaborate with structural professionals to ensure a comprehensive assessment and understanding of any structural implications in the removal process. Consider debris management when planning chimney removal. Simply removing the stack may not generate much debris, but removing the chimney breast in specific areas may result in a substantial amount of brick and tile. Our chimney contractors assist in managing debris, disposal, and obtaining any necessary permits for a seamless project. Explore cost-effective chimney repair solutions with our masonry experts. Before opting for removal, our chimney contractors assess the condition of the chimney, providing insights into salvaging and sealing options that may be more economical than a complete removal.

Chimney Maintenance & Inspections

Experience thorough creosote removal and chimney sweeping with our expert chimney contractors. Our chimney services include meticulous cleaning to ensure the safety and efficiency of your chimney, addressing creosote buildup and eliminating potential fire hazards. Trust our chimney pros for a comprehensive fire-worthiness check of your flue liner. Our experienced chimney contractors assess the condition of the flue liner, ensuring it meets safety standards and functions optimally for your fireplace or stove. Benefit from our chimney services that include detailed chimney flue inspections and obstruction removal. Our chimney contractors identify and address any obstructions or damage in the chimney flue, liner, brick, mortar, box, cap, and crown, ensuring the integrity of your entire chimney system.


We know you have a specific vision of how your house should look like. Our talented Long Island chimney contractors are here to bring that vision to life! We offer a wide variety of chimney and chimney flashing options – and we perform amazing work to satisfy every customer! With over two decades in the chimney industry and 1000s of satisfied customers, Expressway’s experienced and friendly staff, high-quality materials and affordable prices are sure to bring the best results to your chimney project.

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